Welcome to Faith Fitness Freedom!

This is a place where you can explore with us on the journey to becoming healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

We are a mother/daughter duo who share a passion for learning new things, experiencing new things, and creating new things (especially food). We want this to become a place where you can come to learn, experience, and create right along with us.

I (Denise, the mom) was originally going to try this blogging thing on my own, but I got stuck in the details and couldn’t seem to find my way out. When I mentioned to Jenna (my daughter) that she should start a blog, she said to me, “maybe we should try blogging together”.  That was just the motivation I needed to get unstuck. So now we can bounce ideas off of each other and keep each other somewhat accountable. Life is like that, isn’t it? It just seems to work better together!

Here are some things we will be learning about, experiencing, creating, and exploring with our blog:

  • Recipes
  • Physical Health and Fitness
  • Spiritual Health
  • Brain Health
  • RV Living

We invite you to come along and learn with us. We would love to hear what you’re learning or what questions you might have so please leave a comment and sign up for our newsletter. That will help us know what information is helpful and relevant and what is not. I believe that we all can learn from each other!

Thanks for stopping by!